Vedic Oasis for Cultural Advancement and Learning (Society)


As the popular saying, “He who opens the school door closes the prison”, we welcome you in opening a door of hope, courage, and integrity in a student. 

When did you last cherish giving back to society? This opportunity might bring the change you have always wished to see in a student. 

  1. On the spot: Contribution done in cash/cheques/online transfers at the counter of VOCAL
  2. Regular membership: Become an honourable member of VOCAL and get updates and information about how the student’s life is evolving with your support. Monthly/yearly membership available
  3. Event sponsorship: sponsor the variety of events such as seminars, one time programs, excursions and be a part of the event 

Details of our bank account are:

Bank Name: Bank of Baroda
Branch: Lakhanpur, Kanpur
Account Number:  40010100007512
Account Name: Vedic Oasis for Cultural Advancement and Learning Society

You can also support us by: